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Wireless Audio

The wireless audio adapter is a great way to enjoy your home tv with your computer. This device helps you connect to your tv and radio without ever having to leave your living room. It has a 2-in-1 bluetooth transceiver and a stereo audio adapter that will let you listen to both your tv and radio apps at the same time.

Metra Helios Bluetooth Receiver

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This is a 3. 5mm jack audio transmitter for tv that uses radio frequency to send and receive audio. It has a medium wattage level and is easy to use.
the new 3. 5mm usb aux adapter for the bluetooth 5. 0 transmitter and receiver is a great addition to your devices arsenal. This device allows you to connect to multiple sound sources with ease, without the need for a separate audio cable. Additionally, the device has been designed with a user-friendly design and easy-to-use functions.
this is a wireless bluetooth receiver thateaes you audio if you have a compatible home or car adapter. Best of all, it's only $30!